Weeknight fire-escape

I’ve started and stopped several blogs recently.  Alas, I had to fully commit to my first summer intensive grad-class while hanging on by my fingernails at work, and hosting 4 lovely people since last writing. Now class is over, my grade is in, and I can breathe again.

It’s a beautiful night when all I have to do is sit on my fire escape and sip Gato Negro and think about the summer.

This is mostly what I’ve been up to:

Murphy girls 2.0
Beach babes from Nebraska

Spending every free moment at the beach with visitors: Caroline and Mom, Emily, and Erik.

“Girl from the North Country” (This week’s theme song)

Exploring Uptown. Got to experience gypsy jazz at the Green Mill the Wednesday before the 4th of July.  It was magical, though there wasn’t enough room to dance like Kazimierz.

Old Capone joint
Old Capone joint

Writing excessive marathon-letters to girlfriends from college on the train.  Chicago is full of raw impressions.

My train stop in Little Vietnam
My train stop in Little Vietnam

Continuing to obliterate sad thoughts with Eastern European art, including my favorite Czech short story: The Sweet Weekend

And my favorite new band: If you need violin and accordion in your life

Speaking of the old country. . .

I found the most amazing Polish bar on West Belmont:

Bim Bom Lounge
Bim Bom Lounge. . . Na Zdrowie!

Emily and I had to beat off the Polish men with a stick.  I was being called Zosia again and bought Lechs, Zywiec’s, Becherovka’s and a whole lot of other hangover-inducing drinks.

Molly sent me a package via Vatican post. God bless the Italians.

Additionally, I read at least an article per day about Pope Francis, and am ever-so-excited about his impact on the Church.  He is a joy to read about.  Finally someone confident enough to address the world.  And he hangs with Adolfo. . . or “Nico” as Molly said the Australian Jesuits call him.  It’s like my best friend just became Pope.

Finally, soon, now. . . I’ll be updating.  Summer is bright.