Long hair: $25

I feel like this photo needs a cup of coffee in it.
I should have posed with a coffee mug. 

I got my hair cut today.  Jack, my new neighborhood barber, owner of Klassy Cut, gave me a super fun new do, and I thought it warranted a blog.  That, and to document that there is a place to get your hair cut in Andersonville that has a sign up reading:

Men: $15
Women: $18
Long Hair: $25

Doesn’t quite follow my professor’s comment last week when describing how bougie and hip Andersonville is: “Calling Andersonville gay is an understatement.  Culture follows the gays.”

It cracked me up.  Reminded me of when I had my hair cut in La Paz, in Krakow, and by my roommate in Prague.  Jack definitely had an accent too, but didn’t say his ethnicity, and I didn’t ask.  All I know is I can walk-in, just around the corner, and get a good haircut on the cheap.

And next time it will only be $18!