Happy 4th

Chicago is a special place on holidays.  The city brought Polish Jesuit Damian and I back together for the 4th of July–also known as America Day–as we celebrated it 5 years ago at the English Summer camp in Piekary, Poland.

There’s nothing I love more than old Polish friends, and their tendency to wear socks with sandals.

Mihal, me and Damian in 2015.
Mihal, me and Damian at my roof party.
Poland summer 2009, Damian, me and Tomek
Poland summer 2009, Damian, me and Tomek

I love bringing friends together.  Prior to my always-adventuresome roof party I hit Foster beach for a boozy afternoon with Debbie and Aisha.  Beautiful Chicago summer.

Debbie, Aisha and I at Foster Beach
With my girls on Foster Beach