ABC’s Around the World

I made this fun little book in the Spring of 2017 for my two darling nephews with photos I took from my travels around the world.

Here are a few of my favorite pages:


This first photo is of my stuffed bear, Little Bear, at Machu Picchu. I had a lot of fun posing him there, when I visited that magical place in 2012. Little Bear went on many trips abroad with me, and was accidentally left behind twice: once in Prague, and once in a rural village in Poland. Nevertheless, he managed to find his way home every time and kept on traveling with me.


In 2010, I couchsurfed in Trakai, Lithuania with a friend. We swam in this beautiful lake with our hosts, who also used it as a bath.


I just couldn’t believe it when I saw this woman walking in front of the lovely street art in Uyuni, Bolivia. I stayed in this town one night, during a trip to see the salt flats.


I have had a LOT of encounters with monkeys around the world.  The monkeys in this picture were nice, but another day in Thailand, one jumped on me, stole a beaded bracelet off my hand, then proceeded to eat the beads.

Ao Manao Beach, where this photo was taken, is an incredibly tranquil beach off the equally tranquil fishing village, Prachuap Khiri Khan, where I spent 5 lovely days in 2016, driving scooters on the left side of the road and hanging out with the delightful Thai hostel owners.


This will always be one of my all-time favorite photos. It is of my friend Maria’s grandmother and her friend Puri. I stayed with Maria in the summer of 2009 in a village called Gamonal in central Spain, and I spent a lot of time walking around the beautiful countryside with these ladies.


Piekary, Poland, my favorite place.


Boda-boda taxis in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya. I took this out the window of a pick-up when I was working there in 2010.

View all of the pages of my ABC Book here.



Beirut Returns

And so have I.

It is pure magic that I heard their new, perfectly nostalgic song, Gallipoli, on the same day I also got news that an essay I submitted to Patheos will be published. Do you know what these to things have in common? Phil Collins! (He plays drums on the album and inspires interpretative dance in my essay.)

I also revived an old twitter account (@SophieVodvarka) from 2010. Good thing I learned how to tweet during my long absence from the world of blogging.

My oh my though, how good it feels to go back to the roots. And back to enjoying the creative freedom of writing unencumbered.

We tell tales to be known.