Chris Hedges’ prophetic voice

My take on why everyone should read Chris Hedges and get enough sleep at night:

Chris Hedges’ prophetic voice has been profoundly influential in the way I view the world. His work aims to affirm the dignity of all living things, shine light on illusions and carry the glow of love through unimaginable terror. His well-informed voice ought to be the most powerful in the land but, like most prophets and truth-tellers in their times, he is pushed to the margins, relegated to speak where he is able.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? 

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Thanks, Sister Julia, for inviting me to be a contributor to your blog!

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Choosing Creativity over the Church

Today, the Patheos blog Sick Pilgrim published a piece I’ve been working on this fall, about how much life is found while following the spirit of creativity, and letting go of institutions.

The main theme throughout the essay is this: Losing faith in an institution is not the same as losing faith in God. I’ve lost faith in the Church as an institution and no longer feel it’s important to identify as a Catholic. But my faith in God and my spirituality has never felt stronger, more open, or more interesting.

Here is an excerpt from the piece:

This creative energy led me to confidently understand: It is a positive and life-giving choice for me to let go of the burden of the institutional Church. Another way of saying this would be: Not my circus, not my monkeys.

I really am thrilled to be using my voice publicly again, after several years of hiatus. Shout-out to Liz Gilbert’s book “Big Magic” for giving me the encouragement I needed to find my courage, and to center creativity in my life.

Read my full piece here: Choosing Creativity over the Church (re-titled “Why I can’t Stay”)

Update: St Marys Press’s Going Going Gone blog has re-printed this piece as well, which you can read here: Why I Can’t Stay